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If you're an artist or like to buy and collect unique art visit CBaum Art Studio Gallery.

CBaum artist likes to sell art collectors and artist paintings, digital art, prints, photography and sculptures. All styles of art and beach art along with CBaum's abstract Hollywood celebrity paintings at her art studio and on this website.

You can also buy new or used frames at her art studio. Some of the frames CBaum paints beautiful rustic. She also takes donations of frames helps support art for a good cause.

To visit CBaum Art Studio Gallery the artist works in her art studio full time and a better way to save twards art for a good cause. Just text her when your on your way to the gallery so she can give you the unit number.

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Buy all styles of beautiful paintings, digital art, prints, photography and sculptures at CBaum Art Studio Gallery Myrtle Beach, SC.

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View all artist and art dealers on CBaum site. Submit art works.

Celebrities Art

Hollywood abstract pop art created by CBaum artist.

Exploding Art Deals!

Art for a Good Cause buy discount art collectors and artist paintings that they donated art for a good cause.

Digital Art

Abstract art buy CBaum's prints one of a kind.

Words In Art

The artist CBaum made up this expressive word art style in 2020.

Contemporary Art

CBaum paints many styles of art. Her contemporary art is original one of a kind.

Art for a Good Cause

You can Help support Art for a Good Cause share our flyer spread the word donate a painting or frames to CBaum Art Studio Gallery.

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